How many legs does a cow have?

Our speech recognition technology allows kids to have an immersive experience and bring a character to life through conversation. Converse powers both fun and educational experiences for kids, and can be used to improve their reading comprehension or their vocabulary in a first or second language. Mostly though, Converse is about immersion and fun.
In Converse, our proprietary models can be tuned to conversational child speech in any domain, and when used with a branching dialogue system, can deliver a natural and realistic conversational experience.

Real Engagement

Watch a demo of how our technology listens and responds to a kid, allowing them to engage in simple dialogue with their favorite digital character.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural and Realistic Conversational Experiences
  • Custom Domains
  • Available Online and Offline
  • Multilingual – English, Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese

Immerse kids in a world of engagement, learning and fun. Test our API today.

Welcome to the Decade of Voice Tech for Kids