Hands Off. Voice Control is Here

Voice is replacing typing, mouse clicks, touch and gesture as the dominant way to interface with technology in all aspects of our lives.

Kids love to use their voices to interact with technology – to perform searches, control their adventures, turn their digital pages. With our proprietary kids speech recognition technology, voice activated “command and control” becomes an accurate, safe and age appropriate experience.

Designed to work with online and offline products, IOT and AR/VR devices, games, smart toys and robots.


Left, Right, Jump, Dance!

Voice activated experiences are more immersive and intuitive for young kids and make your products and devices accessible for kids with special needs.

Plug our proprietary speech recognition API into your kids’  products today. Here’s a demo of how it could work.

Features and Benefits

  • Keyword Spotting of Words or Phrases
  • Character Command and Control
  • Enables “choose your own adventure” games
  • Domain Agnostic
  • Available Offline and Online

Experience the power of voice activation can bring to your kids’ device, product or platform. Test our API now.

Welcome to the Decade of Voice Tech for Kids