Use Cases

The Magical Power of Voice

Kids love using their voices to learn and have fun. Our speech recognition software ensures they experience the magic and power of voice in an accurate, private, and age-appropriate way.

Discover how our speech recognition API can deliver immersive play and learning experiences for kids, powering conversations, language learning, dyslexia screening, literacy assessments, and so much more. See the full range of use cases we’re delivering for our clients here.


Our speech recognition software powers literacy tools for use remotely or in the classroom, from phonics all the way to fluency and comprehension.

In 2020, we launched our most powerful literacy assessment solution yet, SoapBox Fluency.

Language Learning

Our speech recognition technology powers language-learning platforms across 4 continents for kids ages 2 and up. 

Toys & Entertainment

Our voice engine allows kids to chat to their favorite toys and digital characters, and voice control their games and digital adventures!

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