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Since 2013, SoapBox Labs has been modeling kids’ speech and behavior patterns to develop the most accurate and safe voice technology for kids. We’ve also been strong advocates for kids’ voice data privacy rights.

These resources include reports and white papers on kids’ privacy rights, how to use our technology, and the broader voice technology market.

Welcome To The Decade of Voice Tech for Kids.

In 2020, SoapBox Labs sits at the nexus of two emerging innovation trends – voice tech and kidtech – and will play a leading role in both.

Find out more about our plans, roadmap and vision for this exciting new decade in our new industry report.

Fostering Literacy - White Paper

“Fostering Literacy with Speech Recognition. A Pilot Study” investigates the impact of a speech-enabled phonics application on the early literacy skills of primary school students in the U.K. and Ireland. The pilot took place in Q1 2019.

Voice Prints and Children's Rights

In May 2019, SoapBox Labs collaborated with thought leader and anthropologist Dr. Veronica Barassi on a submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) entitled Voice Prints and Children’s Rights.

Developer Documentation

Access our Developer Portal to integrate your browser-based app, tool or product with our proprietary voice technology for kids.


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