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Go Interactive!

Go Interactive!

Goodbye passive play experiences – knobs, buttons and menus! Generation Alpha kids are voice natives who expect their toys, games and apps to be interactive, and understand and respond to their voices.

With SoapBox Play you can fulfill kids’ expectations and offer them magical, safe and immersive voice-enabled experiences.

Start Your Voice Adventure Here

Dive into the API

On a mission to radically transform how kids play? Meet your voice engine.

We’ve made experimenting with voice fast and easy for inventors and innovation-driven toy companies. Just dive into our developer portal, access our API, and you’ll be ready for testing within hours.

If you’d like to discuss our offline offerings – on-device and embedded chip – we can do that too!

Partner with Us

You see a strategic opportunity to voice-enable new and existing products but don’t know where to start? We can help.

SoapBox partners with larger toy and games companies offering them the expertise and advice they need to deliver award winning voice-enabled experiences that maximize kids’ fun while guaranteeing accuracy and safety. 

Mojo Nation Q&A

We’ve recently teamed up with Mojo Nation co-founders Billy and Adam to help toy companies, game designers and inventors understand the power and potential of voice technology.

We’ve some great plans over the coming months but first up, our CEO Dr. Martyn Farrows Q&A with Billy.

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