Opportunities For Illuminate Ed

with voice technology

Jon Hume, our VP of Global EdTech Sales, has recorded a short demo showing how our voice technology can drive innovation and revenue growth for your Fastbridge products in 2021 and beyond. Have 3 minutes to see how it works? Just press play!

About Voice Technology for Kids

SoapBox Labs’ voice technology delivers 95% accuracy and powers products, tools, and platforms for edtech companies across a whole range of K-6 use cases.

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Value of Adding Voice

By leveraging SoapBox Labs’ voice technology, your solution will be transformed into immersive and data-driven assessment experiences that help teachers to benchmark and support their students at every step of their literacy journeys.

Use Case

Voice Opportunities

SoapBox Fluency Solution
  • Oral reading practice
  • Oral reading assessment
  • Enrich teacher data with ORF measures


  • Support independent reading practice.
  • Drive levelling adoption based on fluency assessment.
  • Provide additional data to teacher dashboard.

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