Voicebot.Ai Interview

We’re on the front page of industry leading website Voicebot.ai today with this great interview with CEO and Founder Patricia Scanlon. During the interview Patricia talks about the origin story of the company: “My lightbulb moment was watching my child interact with technology. To them, voice technology is a need

Newstalk FM interview with Dr. Martyn Farrows

In this recent Newstalk radio interview, our COO Martyn Farrows offers show host Jess Kelly a primer on the voice industry and SoapBox Labs mission in it. He also explains why voice tech holds so much promise for young kids, and why the privacy issues associated with voice won’t be

A Customer Story

In April 2019, we signed a commercial partnership with English language platform Lingumi Labs. In May, the company’s CEO Toby Mather, came to Dublin to spend a day with our team discussing future plans. During his trip, we recorded a 30 minute interview between Toby and our CEO and founder