Voice in Education Podcast

May 25, 2020

Rectangle Circle

“Bells and Whistles of Happiness”
That’s how Julie Daniel Davis, CETL described her feeling as an educator when she learned about SoapBox Labs’ voice tech for kids, and specifically, how it respects kids’ fundamental right to voice data privacy. Julie is the creator of the Voice in Education podcast and in this week’s episode she talks to COO Martyn Farrows.

As Julie recognizes and explains to her listeners, SoapBox Labs has built a solution that:

understands what education needs: to take into account student privacy, to take into account that it’s more than just an assistant, we need it to understand the student and the way they speak, and to really use that for the benefit of learning.

Check out the full 10 minute discussion as Martyn explains how SoapBox delivers voice tech for kids, that really does understand them, in a natural, safe and accurate way.

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