“Every consumer-facing product and service is now a kids and family company” says Kate O’Loughlin of SuperAwesome. This message should be a wake up call for companies – and for parents – everywhere.

Kids will have more screen time over the next few months than in their wildest dreams, but will their personally identifiable data be protected now that they’re using technology and communication solutions that are designed for adults?

SoapBox Labs commitment to protecting kids voice data privacy has become one of the biggest drivers of our relationships with entertainment and education companies globally. Legislation, from COPPA in the US to GDPR in the EU, aims to protect kids, but it will always lag behind the reality of usage on the ground.

The issue of kids using adult tech and being at risk is not a new one, but it’s a bigger concern these days than ever.

We believe that companies should be obliged to put the technology, processes and policies in place to protect kids’ data themselves. Today, that obligation addresses a broader group of tech companies than ever before.

We recently wrote a guest post in Voicebot.AI about voice data privacy concerns as they related specifically to kids, and called out 5 actions all players in our industry need to take.

Read the full article here.

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