Teaming up with toy firms and inventors

May 14, 2021

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Mojo Nation is an industry leading publication that champions the toy, inventor, and designer community. 

CEO Dr. Martyn Farrows caught up recently with Mojo Co-Founder Billy Langsworthy to talk about how we work with toy companies and inventors.

They talked about how we work with inventors:

“We love working with inventors! Similar to the way we engage with smaller toy companies, the absolute best place for inventors to start is by signing up to our portal for free access to our API and developer docs. Even when an inventor’s end goal is an offline experience – with voice on an embedded chip in a physical toy for example – we encourage them to take the first step by experimenting with our online API.”

Dr. Martyn farrows

And with larger toy companies…

“Larger companies tend to see voice as a strategic opportunity and direction for their business, so for those companies we offer one-to-three-day workshops followed by a POC – proof of concept – that we build collaboratively. The workshop helps key decision makers across the business to understand the power of voice-enabling their products and to identify products in the market – or on their roadmap – that are best suited to a voice-enabled experience for kids.”

Dr. Martyn farrows

Martyn also pulled no punches when asked what toy companies need to know to ensure their voice-enabled products are effective – accuracy and privacy:

Baseline, for voice to be effective in toys, it needs to be two things: Accurate – this means actually working in real world kid scenarios where there’s background noise or where a kid is talking to their toy but is also pausing, hesitating, whispering or shouting.

Dr. Martyn farrows

Voice technology must also be privacy-driven:

Voice technology needs to have been built using a privacy-by-design approach, meaning that by default it does not collect, store or process kids’ voice data for commercial purposes. We are one of the few privacy-by-design companies whose technology proactively protects kids’ voice data privacy.


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