Why Build for Kids

Voicebot’s Eric Schwartz wrote an interesting article last week about new research that shows how kids tend to trust what they hear from their parents, teachers and peers more than they trust information served up by voice assistants. The research hypothesized that the “disembodied voice” element of an Alexa or Siri experience feeds into this […]

Why Join SoapBox Labs?

So, apart from working with the two of you, what’s so great about working for SoapBox Labs? Director of Engineering Robert O’Regan and Director of Speech Tech Dr. Amelia Kelly shared 5 (other) big reasons why talented engineers should check out open roles at SoapBox Labs: 1. It’s a fast paced development environment so while […]

Robots and Education

The $1.3B international robotics education market is set to grow to $3.1B by 2025 according to HolonIQ. This doesn’t mean that robots are about to become a physical presence in our kids’ classrooms however, because the term “robotics” now includes devices that are programmable or that use artificial intelligence technologies i.e. smart devices. The quickly […]