A photo of an eight-year-old girl sitting in a classroom, reading off of an iPad. The girl is wearing a Santa hat.
Top 2021 resources for speech tech for kids

Throughout this year, the SoapBox team developed a number of key new resources to demonstrate how our speech technology powers joyful and immersive voice-enabled experiences for kids across learning and play apps, tools, and games. Here’s a summary of the top six resources of 2021 based on feedback from the SoapBox community and our clients: […]

Photo of a young boy sitting at his kitchen table, practicing his reading from an iPad.
About #MakingKidsHeard

Today, we launch the #MakingKidsHeard campaign to create awareness around the power of speech recognition to deliver joy and agency to young kids through their voices. A two-minute “Day in the Life” video headlines the campaign and introduces us to six-year-old Noah and how he uses his voice to “shape the world around me,” from […]

Lessons from Our Voice Engine #3: Deep Learning

Welcome to Lesson 3 in our “Lessons from Our Voice Engine” series, featuring high level insights from our Engineering and Speech Tech teams on how our voice engine works. This lesson is from Siva Reddy Gangireddy, a Senior Speech Recognition Scientist on our Speech Tech team. What is deep learning? To understand deep learning, we need […]

Catering to Accents and Dialects

“Does your voice technology cater to different accents and dialects?” This is the most common question we get asked by new clients. And no surprise, since all education or entertainment brands worth their salt are committed to offering voice-enabled experiences that work for kids of all backgrounds, geographies, and ethnicities. The question is well justified […]

Voicebot names Dr. Patricia Scanlon a “Visionary in Voice”

CEO and Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon was today recognized as a “Visionary In Voice” by Voicebot.ai, the voice industry’s leading publication. Patricia (Trish) is 6th on Voicebot’s list of 17 global leaders, a list that includes the CEOs and founders of companies like Amazon, Google, SoundHound, Viv Labs and Cerence. See the full list of […]

A photo of Dr. Patricia Scanlon of SoapBox Labs and Michael Horn of Forbes.
Forbes: SoapBox Labs Gives Voice To The Obstacles, Opportunities Of Remote Learning

Thanks to Michael Horn for a really enjoyable interview published today in Forbes. A great conversation that covers a lot of ground including the difference between voice technology and voice assistants, the importance of accuracy of voice technology for kids, and how voice technology has become core to EdTech, a need that has been amplified […]

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