Image with text that says, "Niamh Bushnell, Chief Marketing Officer, SoapBox Labs, Women in Voice."
CMO joins board of Women in Voice

Last week, our Chief Marketing Officer, Niamh Bushnell, joined Women in Voice’s board of directors. Women in Voice (WiV) is an international non-profit founded in 2018 to build community and empower the women and diverse people in voice technology, who are taking the industry forward as data scientists, engineers, and business leaders. Voice technology is […]

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Year in Review 2020

2020 is being called the year of the two pandemics – one new, Covid-19, and one that’s been with us for centuries – racial injustice. For SoapBox Labs, 2020 was also the year of convergence – when our high accuracy kid-specific voice technology fulfilled an urgent global need for new remote and classroom-based learning solutions, […]

An image with text that says, "Congratulations to our colleagues Amelia and Agape." The image includes headshots of Amelia Kelly, Director of speech technology at SoapBox, and Agape Deng, computational linguist at SoapBox.
A World-Class Team

We received some well earned recognition for two members of our world-class team here at SoapBox Labs this week. The Diversity in Tech Awards have nominated Dr. Amelia Kelly, Director of Speech Technology, as a finalist for the Data Scientist Award, and Agape Deng, Computational Linguist as a finalist for the Rising Star award. Thank […]

PUSH for Families in Need

Over the last week, SoapBox Labs team member and computational linguist, Agape Deng, undertook a fundraising campaign on behalf of a charity here in Dublin called Inner City Homeless (ICHH). Agape invited friends and colleagues to sponsor her to do pushups, offering a menu of options based on your level of sponsorship. She raised a […]

We’re All Here

In these tumultuous times, the team here at SoapBox Labs wants to wish health and safety to everyone in our Irish and international community. While the whole team is working remotely, it remains business as usual for us. We’re here to listen and can move quickly to support your needs for voice tech for kids […]

A Voice for Equity

How does our voice technology for kids promote equity in the classroom? We’ll be sharing some big news on this topic next week. Meantime, here’s a teaser. SoapBox Labs voice tech for kids promotes equity in a couple of key ways: By giving kids a voice, to practice reading out loud and be understood accurately. […]

Telling Europe’s AI Innovation Story

For the next week, the SoapBox Labs story will be a feature TV broadcast into millions of homes across Europe and beyond. The Euronews team chose SoapBox Labs to tell Europe’s AI innovation story and came to Dublin last week to interview CEO and Founder Patricia Scanlon. Watch the show here –

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Why Join SoapBox Labs?

So apart from working with the two of you, what’s so great about working for SoapBox Labs? Director of Engineering Robert O’Regan and Director of Speech Tech Dr. Amelia Kelly shared five (other) big reasons why talented engineers should check out open roles at SoapBox Labs: 1. It’s a fast paced development environment so while […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our partners, clients, supporters and friends! 2019 has been an incredible year for SoapBox Labs and we hugely appreciate all of the headlines, awards, partnerships and deals we have inked this year. When you’re bringing something disruptive, like voice technology for kids to the market, you need strong early adopters; […]

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