It’s been a busy few months for the team here at SoapBox Labs. Our latest newsletter shares all of the details, from new products and team members, to a digest of recent media coverage.

In the newsletter, we talk about how voice technology comes into its own at times like these. Why? Because it offers kids an immersive, independent and self-paced learning experience.

But these days, the real magic of our kid-specific voice tech is more about how it relieves parents of the pressure to provide constant support and feedback when their kids are reading out loud or learning a second language.

Like parents everywhere, we’re very familiar with how hard it is to teach our kids while delivering on our professional jobs . Voice technology that encourages our kids to learn more autonomously, and that has built-in privacy and accuracy, is the kind of technology solution we’re all urgently in need of these days.

Check out our July newsletter here.

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