Beyond Voice Assistants – Use Cases for Voice Technology

February 5, 2021

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People love their voice assistants. In fact, according to TechCrunch, voice assistant sales increased by 70% between 2018 and 2019, and the numbers keep climbing. 

However, the voice assistants found in our homes and on our phones represent only the first chapter in the voice technology story, a story in which voice becomes ubiquitous across all sectors, and helps to solve real-world challenges in areas like healthcare and education.

SoapBox Labs’ education and entertainment clients also believe deeply in the power of voice technology, and that voice-enabling their kids’ solutions will grow their revenues significantly over the coming years.
Our clients understand that today’s kids see beyond the narrow use case of voice assistants.

They understand that, for kids, voice is simply an interface, and one they expect to be able to use everywhere: while learning and playing, and for all other kinds of supportive, fun, and immersive experiences. 

Above are just some of the exciting voice use cases we’re delivering on for our clients. Why not tell us about yours?

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