Amplify’s $215 Million Raise

October 28, 2021

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This week, Amplify, SoapBox’s partner and pioneer in digital-forward K-12 educational tools, announced a new $215 million funding round. We salute all of our colleagues at Amplify on this wonderful news.

SoapBox has been privileged to witness Amplify’s remarkable growth over the last few years and to support the company’s delivery of “high quality, digital-forward learning” with our high-accuracy speech technology built specifically for kids.

In August 2020, Amplify launched the first-ever voice-enabled reading assessment tool as part of their mCLASS suite, powered by SoapBox Fluency. That first tool, now called mCLASS Express, hit the market just as kids were going back to school, a time of great uncertainty, especially in education. Yet, Amplify was committed to offering teachers and school districts a new way to assess and support kids on their critical reading journey, remotely and in the classroom. 

The pandemic exacerbated learning loss and learning inequity issues across all student groups. As this funding announcement makes clear, Amplify, and partnerships like ours, are committed to finding new and innovative approaches to tackling these issues for kids.

Kudos to Amplify, then and again now, as they continue to drive forward their commitment to innovation in education that closes equity gaps and ensures a level playing field in education for kids of all ages, accents, and backgrounds.

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