The Magical Power of Voice

It’s like magic when kids can use their voices to interact with technology.

Smart toys, online games, AR/VR, robots, literacy, language learning and accessibility. SoapBox Labs powers the voice interfaces that allow kids to interact with technology in an accurate, safe and age appropriate way.

Our proprietary speech recognition technology is designed for kids of all accents from as young as 3 years old and can be used in noisy, real world environments – like a formal classroom setting or a home or playground – to offer immersive, fun and rewarding voice powered experiences. Headset mics not needed.

Here are some use cases:


Our speech recognition technology powers formal and informal assessments of kids’ language and literacy levels, from the accuracy, fluency and pronunciation of phonics and words, through to reading and comprehension.


Our technology listens while a child practices letter sounds, words and sentences out loud via your learning platform or app. Using near real time prompts and feedback, our technology then encourages the child to continue practicing and consolidate their learning, just as a supportive adult would do.


Our technology allows kids to use voice commands to perform voice activated searches, control their adventures, turn their digital pages, and more.


Our technology powers conversations between kids and the digital characters in your app, game or tool. The characters listen, understand and respond appropriately in near real time with a range of answers.